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Rebecca Cash


Prize: Black Brent C

or dollar equivalent in glaze/underglaze

Renee Lopresti


Prize: Mini SRC

or dollar equivalent in glaze/underglaze

Kate Schroeder


Prize: Brent HD Extruder 

or dollar equivalent in glaze/underglaze


Due to present circumstances, winner announcements and shipping could be delayed. International winners will have to cover shipping costs and tax
By submitting a photo, you are allowing AMACO Brent the right to redistribute, repackage, or redesign any submitted materials through any and all lawful advertising entities used by American Art Clay Co., Inc. to promote their products including: brochures, direct mail materials, trade and consumer magazine advertising, lesson plans, AMACO® website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, AMACO® catalogs and catalogs published by AMACO® customers. ​

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