Velvet Sprayz

All the versatility of Velvet Underglaze with the easy of spray cans.

We’ve spent the last 2 years developing 8 colors of Velvet Sprayz. During that time we tried hundreds of actuators, several different cans, and tons of formulas to ensure that this new form factor lived up to the Amaco Velvet standard. We’re proud to say that we’ve done it!


We need youR help...

So how can you help?

Since this is such an experimental product we want your help to bring it to market. As we prepare to ramp up production we want to know how many people are interested in this new amazing product?


By pledging your dollars below you are not only guaranteeing to be the first to receive the product but you're also ensuring the launch.

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Field Tested

Artist Approved

We worked with several artists to ensure that the Velvet Sprayz would live up to the Velvet Underglaze name.

Malcolm Mobutu Smith was one of those key artists that helped us to develop the best spray underglaze imaginable. 



Each can contains 9oz and will cover 14 sq feet of surface with a single layer. Note: this coverage can vary based on application thickness and pressure loss over time.

So what are you waiting on?

Help launch Velvet Sprayz today!