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    Each can contains 9oz and will cover 14 sq feet of the surface with a single layer. Note: this coverage can vary based on application thickness and pressure loss over time.
    Out of all the nozzles we tested, we believe we have chosen one that provides the best control and coverage in most applications. This nozzle allows you to easily feather the spray or quickly cover a full pot. You may also use other nozzles with this can for some interesting results.
    Like spraying any ceramic product, Velvet Sprayz requires proper PPE and ventilation for use. We recommend a NIOSH N95 or higher mask and a well-ventilated area or outside.
    Please research your local laws to ensure you recycle the aluminum can properly. The propellant we selected has the best rating possible with the EPA and on the GWP scale it ranks at the lowest levels making it on par with CO2. We selected a high quality aluminum can, not only to ensure your safety but because it is so easy to recycle when it is empty.
    We did our best to create a product that does not clog, but sometimes it can happen. Luckily Velvets are water based so you can soak the actuator (nozzle) in warm water to remove the clog. We recommend you clean the actuator by spraying the can upside down for a 1-2 seconds after each use.
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